All of our equipment is delivered to site on our own Hi-ab lorries and our drivers are fully trained for Hi-ab operation, slinging and off loading operations. We provide full risk assessments, COSHH assessments, method statements and a lifting plan if required.
Before our operatives begin installation, a full survey of the hoarding line is conducted using Cat scanning equipment to ensure that no services will be struck once drilling / excavation commences. This is part of our costs and is carried out as part of our duty of care.
There are several ways of installing the hoarding, depending on the type of existing ground.


The most common situations are:

We core drill a 100mm diameter hole through the finishes and use an excavator mounted auger to drill down to a specified depth (typically 300-400mm but varies depending on wind loading requirements). The vertical posts are installed to line and level and backfilled with lean mix concrete. The hoarding panels are fixed to these posts and the privacy covers and skirting rails are installed on completion.

Small holes are excavated progressively and we install the vertical posts as we go, in a similar manner as before, however a larger footing of concrete is required in soft ground (again the size is dependant on the structural requirements of the hoarding). The hoarding panels, skirting rails and privacy strips are fitted once the structural posts are erected.

62mm Diameter core holes are diamond drilled in the existing concrete slab to the specified depth, and augured down deeper if we pass through the slab. The vertical posts are installed to line and level and grouted in with tightly packed non-shrink grout, then the remaining hoarding panels, skirtings and privacy strips are fitted.

On some projects, we are required to install the hoarding with minimal disruption to the existing finishes. We can achieve this using rubber feet blocks, raking supports and weighted stays. Whilst not as strong as the other methods, we can cover reasonable wind loads by manipulating the frequency of the raking supports. The hoarding panels are erected progressively with the framing system. This method requires virtually no making good on completion.