What is a Hoarding?

The definition of a hoarding is basically a fencing system used to enclose a building site whilst construction works take place. They are typically temporary solid fence panels which are made from timber, metal or composite panels. Hoardings are installed around the perimeter of a building site and have vehicle and/or pedestrian access points. Their primary function is to keep the site secure, but many are used as temporary signage boards to keep the public aware of what’s behind them. Site hoardings are also used to maintain the privacy of the site and therefore the clients’ interests safe.


Each construction site is different and has its own restrictions, layouts and wind loadings so it is important to choose a system which is suitable for the site. Timber hoardings, whilst more costly and slower to install, do look good once installed and are relatively strong. Metal panel hoardings can be upgraded to suit virtually any wind loadings on site using scaffold bracing, which can be designed to suit all applications.